Our Story

Deema was founded with a devoted spirit and a clear focus: to craft exquisite fine jewellery of exceptional quality; whilst offering unique, imaginative designs that make people feel infinitely special. It all began in 2008, when our founder, Shadya, looked around and saw that many fine jewellery designs looked the same. She missed the thrill and sparkle of discovering original pieces nobody else had and longed to wear jewellery that expressed her individuality.

She wondered if she could find a way to create her own. A range as far as away from the mass-produced and the bland as possible, while celebrating the breathtaking art of her beloved home country, Oman. She wondered if she could share its rich legacy with the people who visited… so they could take home its evocative stories, captured in distinctive fine jewellery and luxurious gifts.

Despite decades of international study and a distinguished career in finance, Shadya took a leap of faith. She left the safety net of mathematics and analytics, to follow her creative dream: to design sophisticated fine jewellery for people who love to stand out from the crowd. With an innate gift for art and design and a relentless attention to detail, Shadya assembled an all-female team of the most talented and inspirational artisans she could find – including her daughter Suad, who was working for a law firm at the time – and got to work. Her mantra: nothing is impossible. And in 2009, we launched Deema: Oman’s first ever fine jewellery brand.

Drawing inspiration from Oman’s art, history, architecture, and breathtaking landscapes, we blend ancient motifs and traditional materials, with ingenious, convertible designs. It’s an elegant marriage of old and new, that has seen Deema awarded many accolades for its dazzling innovation. From the revered date palms peppering the horizon, to the mysterious sea horses of Oman’s shimmering seas: each rare piece resonates with a unique and opulent story. Every minute detail is vibrant with the passion of the artisans—and the many hundreds of hours of love and skill that went into it.

In 2011, we added fine dining dinnerware to our offering, corporate gifts in 2013, linen in 2016 and finally paintings and interior design services during the COVID period. Today, you’ll find our luxury goods gracing the homes of some of the world’s most prestigious dignitaries, celebrities and heads of state. In essence, Deema is for those who share our belief that luxury jewellery should be as individual as you are. And for those for whom originality and excellence are non-negotiable. Just as Shadya believed when she flew in the face of convention, with Oman’s first ever fine jewellery brand.