Deema Oman is one of the leading and pioneering companies dealing in gold and diamond Jewellery. We have been serving our customers over a decade with wide range of quality jewelry products.

Drawing inspiration from Oman’s art, history, architecture, and breathtaking landscapes, we blend ancient motifs and traditional materials, with ingenious, convertible designs. It’s an elegant marriage of old and new, that has seen Deema awarded many accolades for its dazzling innovation. From the revered date palms peppering the horizon, to the mysterious sea horses of Oman’s shimmering seas: each rare piece resonates with a unique and opulent story. Every minute detail is vibrant with the passion of the artisans—and the many hundreds of hours of love and skill that went into it.

Deema Oman is one of the most successful companies that providing you with a proven business model. Running a stand alone jewellery business (online or in store) is complex and problematic. Not least as it is a juggling act, anticipating fashion trends, having a reliable supply of cost-conscious items, and meeting the widely differing needs of fine jewellery and costume jewellery target markets. This whole process can be made a great deal easier with a jewellery franchise. It offers you the chance to be your own boss, but provides crucial support. The main motive of our company is to strive for excellence in the field of Jewellery making thus becoming the trendsetter in the world. We are looking to expand by franchising and offer a very attractive franchise model.

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