Jewellery Care


Proper storage is as important as cleaning. Protect your jewellery by storing them properly. We recommend you store your jewellery by: placing them in a safe or a jewellery box to prevent contact with air and humidity; and keeping them in their original boxes or in individual pouches to prevent them from getting tangled or from scratching one another.


Exposure to make up, hair products, creams, skin oils and other household substances and chemicals can all contribute to causing build up that will dull your jewellery’s sparkle and brilliance over time. It is because of this that we recommend to apply lotions, cosmetics, perfumes and hair products before putting on your jewellery. Deema uses the best metals and finest precious and semiprecious stones in its jewellery, no matter how much expertly designed and carefully crafted the jewellery are without cleaning, the jewellery will lose its lustre and charm.

To retain your jewellery for many generations to come, we recommend you follow the steps below:

• You can use a cleaning solution of liquid non-creamy soap (preferably baby liquid soap) and lukewarm water and soak your jewellery in this mixture for 20 minutes.

• Use a soft tooth brush or a children’s tooth brush to clean your jewellery. Finely brush the jewellery focusing on the bottom of the stones as that is where most of the dirt accumulates and stops you stones from shining.

• After rinsing your jewellery, place it to dry on a thick layer of tissues.

• Once your jewellery is dry, polish it with a soft cloth to avoid scratching.

Alternatively send your jewellery to a jeweller and have it professionally cleaned – your jewellery will look brand new!


Deema recommends that you send your jewellery especially those worn on daily basis to a jeweller once a year for maintenance. With our everyday life, the prongs holding the stones may get lose and this may result in losing your precious stones for good! The jeweller will keep an eye for such situations.