Having a story behind every collection is what we are known for. When designing, we get inspired by our surrounding so we share our inspiration with you through these capturing stories. As promised in our last style post in collaboration with Rachel George*, more style goodness will follow! In this post, Rachel styles our iconic Harmony Collection necklace in different ways; styling it up for a formal dinner and down for a casual lunch.

Our Harmony Collection is inspired by the great maritime history of Oman. Waves are present on each and every piece of this Collection and they represent the waves of the oceans that our ancestors have crossed. The glittering precious stones and gemstones represent the wealth that that came out of these journeys. Finally, the ‘Marriyah’ a traditional Omani pendent is present on each piece; it looks like the compasses that lead our ancestors through their voyages.

We love the way Rachel styled the iconic Harmony Collection necklace to give us different looks for different occasions. The versatility of this necklace translated well!

Who said brooches were for your mother and grandmother? Look at this striking look, white shirt with an outstanding centerpiece; the Harmony pendent that is worn here as a brooch. Brooches can elevate your look; traditionally they are worn around the collar area. However, one can also wear it as Rachel did, on the sleeve, corner of the neckline, waist band of skirt/pants, on the lehaf and so on. The key is to be creative and not force it.

We love this smart casual look that Rachel effortlessly put together for a casual lunch date. The Harmony Collection chain is self designed with delicate waves and scattered gem stones. This makes it a perfect go to item for everyday subtle glam.

Finally, for a formal dinner Rachel paired the necklace, this time as a whole, with a simple black top and a frilled middy purple skirt. Simple and elegant I must say! As the necklace is full of intricate details wearing it with bold colours is vital. You want the necklace to do all the talking and mute everything else down.

Who said fine jewellery is limited to be worn 2-3 times a year?! With our multipurpose jewellery you can wear our lovely jewels on a daily basis; every time with a different look!

*Style blogger Rachel George is an ultimate romantic at heart, she believes that there is love and style everywhere. Style has always been her ultimate therapy whether it is in styling clothes, her kids or home. She is obsessed with fashion, fitness, interiors and travel. Rachel’s blog is a portal to her personal style, beauty, home inspiration and travel adventures.

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