Fashion Forward Dubai for the last 4 years has been an industry event that we would not dare miss. We would mark our calendars months ahead and wait in anticipation for the 3 days event. Like all major fashion weeks, Fashion Forward takes place twice a year. We usually attend the spring/ summer event. Unfortunately, this year things have been crazy at the Deema office and we had to skip it.

For those of you who have attended Fashion Forward, you would understand our the excitement. For those of you who never attended Fashion Forward, these 3 days are filled with fashion shows of Middle Eastern designers, industry related talks; the speakers are all well renowned in the industry and have a wealth of experience and information to share with the rest of us. Networking is amazing; think about it, most serious professionals from the fashion industry in the region will be there at some point during the 3 days event. Finally, it’s the spirit that we enjoy the most; everyone looks so fashionable. We are pretty conservative with our looks but we love seeing the different edgy looks!

Although we have not attended Fashion Forward this season, we have been following up with all the news on social media. We have spotted a few looks that we loved. It is amazing how you can dress simple yet have an outstanding look by just wearing the right jewellery/ accessories.

Looks like loop earrings are back in trend, I (Suad) used to wear loop earrings all the time back when I was a teenager. I am thrilled that the trend is back and will definitely go and buy a pair, our 3 tone gold Mushawak loop earrings have been a personal favorite of mine. Look how these ladies rocked the loop earrings.

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